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From San José: You must take a bus that goes to La Fortuna de San Carlos, from Terminal 7-10 located diagonally to the old Lebanese Cinema.

Once in La Fortuna, there are several ways to get to the waterfall according to the budget of each person. It can be reached by taxi for a price close to $ 10. There are also quad and horseback tours, which you can ask once you are in the center of Fortuna.

Finally, if you are a lover of hiking, you can use this means to reach the Rio Fortuna Waterfall Ecological Reserve.

Foreigners: $ 20.00
Nationals: $ 10.00
Children under 8 years old, free
People with disabilities can access to the viewpoint, which has all the conditions according to the 7600 law.
In the place, there are public toilets, showers, souvenirs,orchid garden, phone recharges, restaurant, and a viewpoint overlooking the imposing Rio Fortuna Waterfall.
Yes, the conditions of the waterfall allow tourists to bathe in a freshwater beach that has formed over the years in a natural way
The Rio Fortuna Waterfall belongs to the Integral Development Association of La Fortuna de San Carlos ADIFORT, which at the same time is in charge of managing the funds and reinvesting them in projects of social and community interest for La Fortuna. Among them are works in educational centers in the area, support for CEN and the San Juan Bosco home located on Z-13.
The tour to the waterfall takes between 20 to 30 minutes; there are 500 steps in total. The return time will depend on the physical capacity of the visitors as well as their agility to climb stairs.
The trail has excellent conditions, with the vast majority of the route in cement and railing. Everything is surrounded by nature and approximately every 5 minutes you will find spaces for your rest and that of your companions, while you continue the detour to the waterfall.
Everybody, children from 3 years of age to older adults who have the physical capacity to perform this activity.
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